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Franchisee offer

Syntax Education offers a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs in the education and coaching sector. The quality education is always in demand all over. In today’s competitive and educated world, the education plays an important role in the life of the parents and the students. Every parent wants to give the best possible education to their kids.

The parents and the students are always on the search for the best affordable coaching which can give them better results. The changing pattern of the education has urged many parents and students to get quality and customized education as per their need. That is why the home tuitions have gained a great prominence in today’s date. The Syntax Education gives you a platform to start your business by franchising with us.

Why Franchising?

  • Franchising has been able to achieve great success rate all over the world.

  • Most of the franchisees have a nice success rate for a longer period.

  • The franchising can enhance the efficiency of your business

  • The coaching industry has experienced wonderful success in franchising

Benefits of taking Franchise with Syntax Academy:-

1. Affordable fee:

The fees charged for the students are very affordable. This will ensure that you will get some more number of students for the tutoring purpose.

2. Low rate:

The low rate fees offered by us will be in the budget of maximum parents. Our low rate will ensure more positive reply from the parents.

3. Maximum support for mass advertising:

Reaching the maximum number of students is very important for enrolling more number of students, which is done by mass advertising. Syntax Education gives maximum support for the mass advertising purpose, to enroll a maximum number of students.

4. Quality teaching training:

The training provided for the tutors is of excellent quality. The tutors teaching will ensure the best teaching and give better results for the students.

5. Tutoring support network:

All the necessary support is given for the tutors, ensuring the efficient working of the organizations. All the queries of the tutors are solved at the earliest.

6. Complaints solving team:

Whenever a student or tutors have any of the complaints regarding any of the things in the system, we ensure that the problem is solved properly. We give high preference for resolving any of the complaints.

7. Books and course materials support:

The books and the course materials are provided appropriately. The course materials provided by us are as per the guidelines of the respective syllabus patterns. Every concept is explained very precisely and nicely in the course materials provided by us. The graphs, diagrams, and maps are shown wherever necessary.

8. Providing leads:

We provide the leads for the franchisee so that they can approach the students to enroll in the academy. This will ensure nice profits for the franchises.

9. Parents and tutors counseling:

Counseling sessions for the parents and tutors are conducted whenever required. The counseling session will clear all the queries of the tutors and parents. It will ensure greater academic results for the students.

10. Providing admin panel software:

Robust admin panel software is provided for the franchise. The admin panel will have all the details regarding the student admission, tutors enrolled, number teaching hours, fee calculations and many more features will be there.

11. No restriction on the area:

The franchises have an open market in terms of area. They will not be restricted from any area and they can go ahead in any region easily.

12. Staff keeping guidelines:

Whenever you start a new business, handling a staff is a little tedious task. You do not have to worry regarding it. A proper guidelines will be given handling the staff.

13. Administrative training:

Proper administration of any new business is very essential for the efficient working of it. We give a proper training for the administrative training for the franchise.

14. Tutors income guidelines:

We give a well-set guideline regarding the income for the tutors. Our guidelines will ensure satisfactory income for the tutors along with your maximum profit ratio.

15. Legal and Management consulting:

We give all the support in terms of the legal and management consulting. We ensure that your franchise runs efficiently for a longer duration.

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Franchise is a privilege or right officially granted to offer specific products or services under explicit guidelines at a certain location for a declared period of time.

Franchisee is a person or entity to whom the right to conduct a business is granted by the franchisor or licensor.

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